Lesley University
We are pleased to announce that it has partnered with Lesley University to support the government of Guyana in addressing the issue of violence against women and children in Guyana by integrating the arts into teacher preparation, counselor training, and community outreach programs. Lesley University, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts is among the largest providers of teacher education in the U.S., offering among others, innovative interdisciplinary programs in counseling, psychology, and expressive therapies—a field initiated at Lesley. For over 100 years Lesley has prepared its graduates for service and leadership in the fields of education, human services, and the arts. Today Lesley offers programs across the United States (www.lesley.edu) and abroad. With support from MCF, the government of Guyana and other NGOs Lesley faculty will contribute practical and academic expertise and leadership to areas of need in Guyana and collaborate with MCF to develop sustainable, scalable, replicable models of programming for social change worldwide. ( www.lesley.edu)


Help & Shelter, Guyana
Help & Shelter is Guyana’s most prestigious NGO whose efforts on behalf of women & children have reached into all 10 administrative Regions of that country. Help & Shelter provides a safe haven for women and children escaping violence at home. This wonderful organization operates on the highest level of internationally accepted standards for sheltering victims of violence, fostering awareness, providing community outreach and counseling and conducting research to name some but not all of the important work that is undertaken on a daily basis by this vital organization. MCF is thrilled to join Help & Shelter to end violence against women and children in all of its forms. MCF will support training programs for Help & Shelter’s social service providers and counselors, which may include Certificate Training Programs and Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in counseling and expressive therapies which will help to further professionalize social services in Guyana. This training will initially be targeted at counselors and social service providers working with women & children and would include expressive art therapy approaches in which counselors engage clients in the healing process through the therapeutic use of the arts. Lesley University staff in a “train the trainer” model written to be culturally specific to Guyana will deliver programming and training. ( www.hands.org.gy)


The Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security
The Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security of Guyana South America is among the most progressive Social Service Ministries in the Western Hemisphere. Its newly enacted legislation to eliminate sexual violence and other social ills set it apart from other similar Ministries. MLHSSS provides services that address social welfare problems in Guyana including: oversight to help families living in crisis, help to identify and then eliminate violence against women and children, protection of children who are neglected and abused, and programs for empowering women. Their methods include training programs and workshops, education programs, and micro loan opportunities for single parents starting their own businesses. The Ministry approaches change through holistic and inclusive methods and partners with organizations whose shared vision to bring gender equality and life free from violence works to support change for the disenfranchised of Guyana. The Ministry is committed to using the arts as a means to reach people and to change the cultural practices that contribute to violence against women and children.(mlhsss.gov.gy)